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June 7th, 2024

From Speech Pathologist to Fashion Revolutionary: Infusing Positivity Through Clothing

  1. From Speech Pathologist to Fashion Revolutionary: Infusing Positivity Through Clothing Constantin Morun 49:56

Discover how the power of positive language can transform your mindset and well-being with Kimberly Wilkerson, the visionary behind Token Clothing Company. Learn practical strategies for harnessing the influence of words in your daily life.

Hey friend!

Did you know our words have a powerful effect on our brains and bodies?

I recently had an chat with speech language pathologist Kimberly Wilkerson about the impact of language. Kimberly shared some fascinating research on how both positive and negative words physically alter our brain activity, hormones, heart rate and more.

Even just watching stressful content can elicit the same reactions as if we were directly involved. So we have to be very intentional about the words and media we expose ourselves to.

The good news is we can also harness language to lift and empower ourselves and others! Kimberly created a clothing line called Intelligent Fashion that has uplifting phrases like “I am loved” printed on the inside lining.

The goal is to elevate women’s self-perception through positive language touching the skin. We discuss specific strategies around self-talk, overcoming negative thought patterns, and the importance of believing our own inherent beauty and worthiness.

I’d love to hear your biggest takeaways around using words consciously. What changes might you make to your self-talk or media consumption after watching? Looking forward to your insights!


00:00 – The Impact of Words and Communication

01:25 – The Power of Language and Intelligent Fashion

06:03 – The Role of Nonverbal Communication

09:36 – Understanding Intelligent Fashion

13:59 – Impact of Intelligent Fashion on Women

15:14 – Planting Seeds of Positivity

18:05 – The Power of Self-Affirmation

22:39 – Impact of Words on the Brain

26:58 – Harnessing the Power of Positive Language

29:37 – Token Clothing Company Vision

29:53 – Pursuing Passion in Fashion and Speech Pathology

32:47 – Global Expansion and Language Integration

39:00 – Awareness and Refashioning Thoughts

42:24 – Challenging Negative Beliefs

43:58 – The Power of Asking Questions

44:49 – Seeking Truth through Questions

46:04 – Repetition and Subconscious Change

49:11 – Call to Action and Community Building


Kimberly Wilkerson, a former speech language pathologist turned entrepreneur and the visionary behind intelligent Fashion at token clothing company. Through her unique blend of clinical expertise and creativity, Kimberly has crafted a line of clothing aimed at uplifting mindsets and transforming lives through the power of positive self-talk. With her background in speech pathology, Kimberly brings a deep understanding of the impact of words on our mental well-being, making her an insightful guest for discussions on self-perception and the importance of positive language in personal growth.



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Constantin Morun Neuroencoding & Transformational Growth Specialist

I am Constantin Morun, a Neuroencoding & Transformational Growth Specialist, podcaster, speaker, writer & content creator.

My own journey, overcoming a life-long battle with depression, anxiety, burnout, and the 'ten thieves of our dreams' — procrastination, hesitation, fear of failure, success, rejection, imposter syndrome, self-loathing, self-doubt, stress, and overwhelm — forms the cornerstone of my two-plus decades in personal and professional development. This firsthand experience has deeply shaped my approach to empowering others.

In my diverse career, I've held numerous leadership and change roles within the corporate and coaching worlds. Combined with my degree in Mathematics and expertise as a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist, I bring to the table a unique blend of practical life strategies and neuropsychological insights.

Having guided countless individuals on similar paths, my mission is to inspire, empower, support and guide you in discovering your 'why', fostering your gifts & strengths, rewiring your brain, and overcoming limiting beliefs to unlock your full potential.

As someone who is still on this transformative journey, I warmly invite you to join me in this process of growth and self-discovery.

Together, let's embark on a transformative journey to break free from the barriers holding you back, stepping into a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, abundance, and joy.

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