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November 14th, 2023

FAN FAV! Surviving & Thriving After A Narcissistic Relationship: Denise’s Story

  1. FAN FAV! Surviving & Thriving After A Narcissistic Relationship: Denise’s Story The Kandid Shop Podcast LLC 52:23

Have you ever felt trapped in a toxic relationship and wondered how you could ever escape safely? Well, you're not alone. Join me as I delve into a heartrending conversation with  Denise Kavaliauskas  an internationally acclaimed author and transformational love coach, who shares her deeply personal story of surviving a 22-year-long toxic relationship. She sheds light on the trauma, the guilt for her children, and the emotional turmoil she experienced before ultimately deciding enough was enough. This is an inspiring journey of Resilience and courage you won't want to miss.

In the second leg of our conversation, we peel back the layers on Denise's healing journey post-escape. We navigate her ongoing recovery, the complicated relationship with her children's father, and how this brave journey led to her penning the best-selling book, “Empower the Woman Within: Stepping into Total Freedom.” Denise enlightens us about the power of self-love and the steps to create a healthier life after narcissism, emphasizing the importance of being kind and patient with oneself while paving the way for nurturing, loving relationships.

Finally, we discuss her work as a transformative love coach, helping women break free from the shackles of toxic relationships and guiding them toward the path of true love. Denise shares her unique process, the myriad support she provides, and even imparts advice for anyone currently feeling trapped in a toxic relationship. It's an enlightening revelation as Denise opens up about the importance of self-worth, the dangers of lovebombing, gaslighting, and hoovering, and the significance of understanding energies in a relationship. Tune in for a kandid conversation with  Denise Kavaliauskas, a testament to Resilience, transformation, and the power of self-love.

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Kristin McGriff aka “Kandidly Kristin,” Founder & Host of The Kandid Shop Podcast

Kristin is a voice-over actor and Founder & Host of The Kandid Shop Podcast.

She believes we each have a purpose, a path & a platform to candidly share our unique voices with the world if we just tap into it.

Her personal motto is “Don’t let your inner me become your enemy”

When not podcasting or doing voice-over work, Kristin enjoys swimming, reading, traveling, and spending time with her family, especially her 3 grandbabies!

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