1. John Pampu Visits The Classic Car Corner Podcast! Jason, Eric & John 44:26

We are excited to welcome John Pampu to The Classic Car Corner! John is a long time automotive enthusiast, who has had a very rewarding career in the auto industry. He serves as an automotive coach to enthusiasts around the nation and his successful career in the insurance industry with his commitment to his clients have deemed John a highly respected automotive maven! We are thankful for the time John spent with us as he shares his fantastic stories and experiences.

Jason Paynter The Classic Car Corner Podcast

Jason Paynter is a long time auto enthusiast and has been in the automotive industry throughout his professional career with nearly 30 years of experience. His experience encompasses a range of disciplines from Automotive Sales Management, Finance & Insurance, Inventory Purchasing, Marketing, Vehicle Repair, Trade Assessments, Reconditioning and now Appraisals. He is highly engaged with the local car community and enjoys his collection of classic cars.

Jason is author of a book titled Drop, Throttle, Oversteer: Collecting and Investing in Classic Cars available on Amazon where proceeds of the book have been donated to The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jason is certified through the A.S.C.A.A. and owner of Mobile Auto Appraisal Group, LLC. He renders auto appraisals and prepurchase / presale inspections for clients throughout the nation and overseas.