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Each generation is raised in a vastly different context, and it’s important to acknowledge our differences and identify ways to ensure that everyone is supported in their evolution process. Today we are joined by Marc Joseph of babyboomer.org to discuss these intergenerational differences, as well as the diversity within each generation. Marc shares his opinion on how the adults of today can best set Generation Alpha up for success, and why he feels the generation in question is the greatest history has seen, thus far. We learn about Marc’s journey as a writer and an entrepreneur, and why he feels so many small businesses fail. Tune in to hear more about the shared experiences of Baby Boomers, and the noble purpose Marc is fulfilling for the “lost” generation on babyboomer.org.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing Marc Joseph, co-founder of Baby Boomer.org.
  • Why so many small businesses fail.
  • The importance of identifying your weaknesses as an entrepreneur.
  • What inspired his first book, The Secrets of Retailing, Or: How to Beat Wal-Mart!
  • Marc shares his entrepreneurship and writing journey.
  • Why he wrote his children’s book, I Don’t Want to Turn 3.
  • Why he considers Generation Alpha to be the greatest generation in human history.
  • Why it’s important for kids to read.
  • Intergenerational differences.
  • Diversity within generations.
  • The shared experience Baby Boomers have in common.
  • The purpose babyboomer.org fulfills.
  • The percentage of wealth Baby Boomers hold in the US.
  • How the content is generated on babyboomer.org.




“The greatest thing that we as adults can do is to get our kids into reading books.” — Marc Joseph [0:12:16]


“It’s necessary for us to teach children how to think. Not what to think but how to think.” — Marc Joseph [0:18:57]


“The Baby Boomer generation is as diverse as the one before it and the several after it.” — Marc Joseph [0:27:45]


“Baby Boomers hold 50% of the wealth in the US.” — Marc Joseph [0:31:58]


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The Secrets of Retailing, Or: How to Beat Wal-Mart!

I Don’t Want to Turn 3

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Gramps Jeffrey’s children’s book, I Don’t Want to Turn 3, explores what goes through a toddler’s mind that parents are so desperate to understand. It is based on the true experiences he has had with his 6 grandchildren that were born 2 each to his 3 Millennial daughters.

Gramps Jeffrey is the pen name for Marc Joseph whose first book The Secrets of Retailing…How to Beat Wal-Mart was written to help entrepreneurs and small businesses compete against the big guys. Arianna Huffington read his book and asked him to contribute to the Huffington Post. He has written over 100 articles about small businesses, education, the homeless and several other nonprofit topics dear to all of us.

Gramps and his lovely wife Cathy live in Scottsdale, Arizona where 2 of his grandchildren live. 2 more live in Austin, Texas and 2 in Orlando, Florida.