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June 27th, 2024

Scaling Your Entrepreneurial Mindset featuring Kat Polsinelli with Agent Services Plus

  1. Scaling Your Entrepreneurial Mindset featuring Kat Polsinelli with Agent Services Plus Beefy Marketing/Small Business Origins 37:14

This episode of Small Business Origins features Kat Polsinelli, founder of Agent Services Plus and host of the “A Real Chat with Kat” podcast. They have an insightful conversation about Kat’s origin story, from getting pregnant at 16 and overcoming an abusive relationship, to finding purpose in entrepreneurship and Coaching. Listeners can expect to learn about limiting beliefs, rebuilding after trauma, the importance of networking and collaborating, and Kat’s unique approach to business Coaching.

Main Discussion Points:

– Overcoming trauma and limiting beliefs

– Leaving an abusive relationship and starting over

– Finding purpose in helping others through entrepreneurship

– The importance of networking and collaborating

– Taking a collaborative approach to business Coaching rather than one-on-one

Guest Bio: Kat Polsinelli

Kat is a passionate individual with a goal of helping others get out of their head and into what they love. She is a business organizing powerhouse and a personal development strategist. She uses her personal stories and the skills she has developed as a unique way to approach helping others. She strives to help others feel more seen not only by others but by themselves as well but helping them grow their mind as well as their business.

Key Quotes:

“If you don’t work through them, it’s going to eventually affect you. And for some of us, it can be very dramatic, and it can tear businesses down. It can tear relationships apart.” [00:08:38]

“I love sharing people’s stories, other podcasts. I share their websites, like, anything I can because if someone in my group Coaching or someone that’s listening finds that they connect better with them, that’s who I want them to connect with.” [00:22:39]

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John Kelley’s Links

John Kelley Podcaster, Marketing Advisor

John is a Texas firefighter, entrepreneur and marketing advisor. As a business major, small business owner and marketing advisor for Beefy Marketing, he has become very familiar with the challenges entrepreneurs face every day. Bringing his humor and love for helping others to The Beef, he dives deep into what makes each business tick, helping bring useful information to other small business owners. Learning all about a business and putting them into the spotlight gives listeners a reason to visit each business featured and give them a try.

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