1. Storytelling for Solopreneurs, How to Find Your Story with Karen Eber, Ep #115 Gabe Nelson and Karen Eber 42:37

You may have heard that people remember things better when they are framed as a story. It’s true. Effective storytelling has the power to inform, influence, and inspire which can help you improve your company culture and increase your bottom line. 

Karen Eber is an experienced storyteller that understands how to use the science behind storytelling to bring people together. She is here today to help us learn how to turn our ideas into stories. In this episode, she brings actionable tips that can help you get started creating your own stories that fit your company culture. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • How Karen began as a storyteller [1:22]
  • How Karen connected diverse people through stories [6:46]
  • How to hack your story [9:13]
  • Where to find your story [17:36]
  • How often should you review your stories [19:40]
  • Outlining your story structure [21:22]
  • Karen expands on Gabe’s story [28:03]
  • The money questions [37:15]

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