1. Who says you can't make a difference? Two Effective NH Advocates Phyllis Ayman, MS/SLP, CDP, CADDCT, CDCM, CMDCP 1:23:51

When Dr. Mike Wasserman proposed a conversation with Martha Deaver on SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk I jumped on the idea.

What a treat!!!! A lively conversation between Dr. Mike Wasserman and Martha Deaver, both of whom have been guests on SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk in the past. They are two of the most outspoken and effective advocates for improving our nations nursing homes:
an industry plagued with reports of substandard care for the over one million residents residing in the over 15,000 U.S. Nursing Homes. Having them together was a conversation you won’t want to miss.

The story that led Martha Deaver to become an advocate for nursing home residents is, like many others, rooted in a terrible experience with 2 nursing homes in Little Rock Arkansas where her mother and mother-in=law were residents. The story is both tragic but, unfortunately, all too familiar.

Dr. Mike Wasserman has achieved a sort of celebrity status over the past two years.
His passion for what he saw as the tragedy of how COVID 19 ravaged nursing homes
gnawed at his insides and his Twitter finger. From then until now he hasn’t stopped speaking out about the inequality and injustices in treatment and care of nursing home residents and healthcare workers. This has gained him national recognition.

He’s taken his advocacy to the steps of the government, working with our nations legislators and is respected voice with selected individuals at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Mrs. Deaver talks about what she knows about the failure of the nursing home industry, and the many nursing home tragedies she hears about every day from the many families who seek out her wise counsel. These ills that have been known by Federal Government agencies for decades. As a matter of fact, she has been an adviser to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Office of Inspector General (OIG). She explains how after her extensive investigative work with nursing home complaints, at her insistence they were added to the website of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services so that people seeking information about nursing homes would be able to see beyond the annual nursing home oversight survey to find more information about complaints lodged against them.

While investigative reporters continue to pursue and report on nursing home ills, and leaders and advocacy groups continue to push for the necessary legislative changes that lead to reform, change in how nursing homes deliver care is slow going.

Nevertheless, Martha Deaver and Mike Wasserman keep pushing. They remain vocal and committed to change. As we all know, even small changes can make a big difference.
But they are not stopping with small changes. They relentlessly call out, fight for, knock on every door, and talk to every person in the position for effecting change in order to make nursing homes the living environment that should and can be!!!!!

Phyllis Ayman Ambassador for Conscious Aging Life Management and #1 WSJ and USA Today Best Selling Author, Podcaster

Phyllis Ayman is the Ambassador for Conscious Aging Life Management, and founder of Mindful Longevity Solutions. She coaches individuals to develop their Personalized Longevity or Wellness Care Plans so they can live as healthfully, happily ,and fulfilled as they possibly can. As an aging life careplanning coach and mediator, she guides families to make decisions and mediate challenging conversations around aging care issues. She conceived and owns the trademark IMpathy®, essentially the inner game of empathy, which the hallmark of her proprietary programs.

Ayman is a #1 WSJ and USA Today Best Selling author, featured speaker, panel moderator, trainer, advocate gerontological speech/language pathologist and dementia care specialist. She spent over 40,000 hours working with thousands of individuals and families in long term care. Her writings have been featured in Next Avenue, McKnight’s Long Term Care News and McKnight’s Senior Living, and the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioner Newsletters.