1. How to Adapt and Be Resilient in Pivoting to an Encore Career with Russ Eanes #322 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 37:05


In this episode, I am speaking with the Eanes, who has been on the podcast pre-pandemic. Russ has pivoted from religious publishing to being an author, walker, bicyclist, guide, travel educator and a few other things that I cannot remember right now. The point is Russ continues to adapt and takes advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Russ is a writer, walker and cyclist from Harrisonburg, Va., a freelance publishing consultant and a travel coach and guide. His goal in living is to inspire others to more meaningful, peaceful and less consumptive lives. He is also an avid traveler, with a love of culture, cuisine and history, especially of Europe and Latin America.

Russ is a former member and successful graduate of the Career Pivot community. I first interviewed Russ in episode 143 after he published his first book The Walk of a Lifetime: 500 Miles on the Camino de Santiago. I later published an updated episode in February 2021 about how Russ was adapting to the pandemic.

Russ continued to make adaptions throughout the next couple of years including spending one year working full time for GetSetup as a travel instructor.

Russ recently published his latest book, Pilgrim Paths to Assisi: 300 Miles on the Way of St. Francis.

We discuss in this episode how he got to where he is today and that he is not done yet.

Russ’s story was highlighted in an article in the New York Times by my friend and colleague Mark Miller, no we are not related, called How a Solo Gig Can Give You a Stronger Retirement. I recommended Russ to Mark for this article.

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