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November 9th, 2023

Standing Up Through Courage with Sandy Rosenthal

  1. Standing Up Through Courage with Sandy Rosenthal Brigitte Cutshall 25:20

Sandy Rosenthal’s story serves as a powerful example of determination and advocacy, showcasing how accountability, community empowerment, and the acceptance of criticism can lead to substantial societal impact.

She is the author of “Words Whispered in Water” and founder of Levees.org. Sandy shares her journey of standing up to the government after Hurricane Katrina broke the levees in New Orleans.

Three main takeaways:

(1) Embracing Criticism: Sandy emphasizes the value of criticism, highlighting its role in personal growth and activism. She encourages its embrace as a tool for improvement.

(2) Government Accountability: Highlighting the mis-design of the levees by the federal government as the true cause of the New Orleans flooding, Sandy’s work with levees.org aimed to set the record straight and shift blame away from local officials.

(3) Community Empowerment: The importance of citizens standing up for their communities, addressing negligence caused by corporations and the government, and the significance of collaboration in effecting positive change.

* Learn more about Sandy at https://levees.org

* Sandy has her own podcast, Beat the Big Guys, that inspires people to be the change they want to see in the world. https://bit.ly/3u9T6jH

* Link to her book “Words Whispered in Water” – https://bit.ly/47n3QcE

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