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July 9th, 2024

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Tim Bridges Optimum Ideation: The Best of Human Ideation

Tim Bridges is the Host of the podcast Optimum Ideation, with resources so you can live healthy, wealthy and wise. Details at be sure to Follow the Optimum Ideation pages on all social media and streaming platforms. Download your favorite episodes, like ending veteran homelessness by 2030, watch youtube videos Jim Britt and Gina Gardiner coach us all into a better understanding of business and life. It's free and very helpful to gain new perspective.

Tim also manages a boutique recruitment and digital support service on 3rd Party People to help older businesses update their systems, provide pr and personnel to compete in a tight market.

Tim is an esteemed business development consultant, strategist and motivational speaker, available to deliver compelling presentations tailored to support your business or consumer audience.

Tim is dedicated to reshaping our perception of aging and the mature stage of life, advocating for a narrative centered on vitality, fulfillment, and achievement.

Through altering our perception of suffering, grief, and pain we shift our minds to their positive effects on the NOW, which is all we ever had.

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