1. Knowing When It’s Time to Consider Moving to a Care Community Kim Hegwood 21:32

“I believe that a person who has early-stage dementia should move into assisted living, depending on their behaviors and what they’re struggling with, so that they can adapt to the environment and really start getting that stimulation to get the highest level of care and stimulation and nutrition so that they stay where they’re at. They don’t decline as fast. And we can’t guarantee that, but we’re giving them the best environment possible. It’s just like when you water a flower and you give it fertilizer, you’re helping it thrive. And it may still die because it’s 120 degrees out in the summertime, but you did the best you could.” Pam Ostrowski

Today Kim Hegwood sits down with Alzheimer’s Family Consultant, Pam Ostrowski to talk about a problem facing many families today. That problem is knowing when the time is right to move someone you love to a memory care community. Listen to this podcast to hear the advice Pam has to offer.

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National Dementia consultant and family guide, Pam Ostrowski, provides a path to relieve the fear, anxiety, and confusion that family members experience when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia.

Pam is the founder of Alzheimer’s Family Consulting, a national speaker, a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, and Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP)®, and is Certified in Dementia Care (CDC)®. She is also the author of the highly-rated “It’s Not That Simple: Helping Families Navigate the Alzheimer’s Journey,” which is based on Pam’s 14-year dementia and Alzheimer’s journey with her parents.


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