1. Choosing the Best End Of Life Possible Kim Hegwood 21:19

The truth is all of us will die one day. Do you want a smooth transition? Do you want to make your transition easier for both you and your loved ones? This may not be a topic you are comfortable with but take a few minutes to listen to what Kim Hegwood and Dan Morhaim, M.D. have to say about

Choosing the Best End Of Life Possible

Kim will ask Dr. Morhain:

1. As a former emergency room physician what did you learn about death in the US today?

2. Tell us about your book, Preparing For A Better End. Why did you feel this book was needed?

3. What do doctors want in terms of end-of-life care?

4. Tell our listeners why you feel it is so important to have an advanced directive.

5. What can happen if I don’t have an advance directive?

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Dan Morhaim, M.D. brings a unique background: Emergency Medicine physician (40+ years); Maryland state legislator (24 years, 1995-2019); faculty Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (16 years); Medical Director 2 ambulance companies; healthcare consultant; and author of articles for medical journals and general media. His second book, from Johns Hopkins Press, is “Preparing for A Better End” (www.thebetterend.com). He has served in numerous public health organizations, including currently as Chair of the Baltimore County Behavioral Health Advisory Council. Dan brings speaking and media experience to a broad range of audiences including community organizations, professional groups, and in political settings.

Books or Other Products that would interest viewers: “Preparing for A Better End” (Johns Hopkins Press), www.thebetterend.com, available via all the usual sources.


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Kim Hegwood, born in Bay City, is an Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney based in Houston, Texas. Kim has been a practicing Attorney since she graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1996. After watching her grandparents struggle to maintain their independence as they grew older, trying to navigate the challenges of aging, and deal with the legal, financial, and emotional challenges that our loved ones face in their golden years, Kim dedicated her career to helping families preserve their dignity and protect their assets.