1. Turning “OK, Boomer” into “Thank you, Boomer” with Marc Joseph Guidance Point Advisors, LLC. 42:43

Ep 085: We often deep dive into many Retirement topics including the opportunities and challenges that many of us face, but what about the people themselves that are retiring? If you zoom out and look at themes and shared experiences that shape their worldviews, what differs one generation from another? What about the Baby Boomer generation and what makes them unique from the previous generations that have gone through Retirement? Why do flippant statements such as “Ok, Boomer” come about and how do we turn that around? Why don’t we turn “OK, Boomer” into “Thank you, Boomer”?

Our next guest is a co-founder of the website BabyBoomer.org which was built expressly to be Baby Boomers’ most Trusted and Ultimate Source for News, Information, and Community. The mission of the site is to, 1) bring Baby Boomers together to improve their quality of life, 2) use Baby Boomers to help younger generations, 3) help Baby Boomers pay it forward as knowledgeable elders, and lastly, 4) change Baby Boomer perception from OK Boomer to THANKS Boomer. With that, please welcome Marc Joseph to The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast!


Welcome, Marc Joseph! [2:00]

Who are “Baby Boomers” and what brings them together? [9:19]

Why is there a dismissive attitude towards the Baby Boomer generation? [17:39]

Why is the concept of being a “Sandwich Generation” new and why have Boomers taken on this role? [25:29]

How did babyboomer.org start and how is it going today? [34:14]

How will Marc find his Retirement Success? [38:13]

Episode conclusion. [40:47]

Benjamin Smith Host, Retirement Success in Maine Podcast & Financial Advisor

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He has spent his entire career devoted to serving individual clients and institutions by developing and implementing investment strategies, setting portfolio structure, and providing the highest level of client service. He's passionate about helping clients maximize their savings and retirement income using the many financial planning and portfolio management tools available to Guidance Point consultants. Prior to working for Guidance Point Advisors, Ben worked for Acadia Trust, N.A., a subsidiary of Camden National Corporation, as Vice President, Portfolio Manager based in Bangor, Maine. Ben assumed responsibility for and oversight of over $300 million in client portfolios, including individuals, families, retirement plans, endowments, foundations, businesses, and trusts; and he served on the Company’s Investment Committee.