1. No One Without Song Christopher MacLellan 48:44

Through her marvelous book: “The Courage to Care: Being Fully Present with the Dying” Rev. Linda Bryce’s mission is to pass on her understandings and show us how to be there at the bedside, fully present with anyone who is dying, and sharing in the mystery and wonder of death—and after. 

When there is someone at our side, challenging times become more bearable. Whether it is an unexpected life-ending diagnosis, loss of employment or even of the ability to go places and see people, the presence of another alongside us offers reassurance and a confirmation of our value and membership in a circle of compassion, caring and love.

Through the great work of Rev Linda, she is helping us keep love in hearts because love is music for the soul

Listen in and learn how Rev. Linda and the chorus of Bedside Singers are creating Healing Ties all around us!

You Might Know Me As The Bow Tie Guy - "Wearing a bow tie is like wearing two smiles."

When people ask me, "why did you create the Whole Care Network"... I always come back to our caregiving experience and how fortunate I was to find resources that helped me and my partner Richard Schiffer manage our caregiving journey. Every caregiver has a story; through our stories, we find validation, resources, and respite to help manage our caregiving day.

We were fortunate to have our story chronicled in a 2015 Pulitzer Prize-nominated 3-part story, “In Sickness and In Health: A Couple’s Final Journey,” which told our journey of caregiving. The story told of the challenges LGBT partners have in dealing with the medical and legal system, but it also told of the love and joy my partner Richard's last years had on our relationship.