1. Ep #9 Company Culture Good&Bad - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Roman Prokopchuk 15:48

Every company talks about that culture and that they are family, but what does that actually mean. I’m convinced that many companies are smoke and mirrors, and like to call themselves a family without ever addressing their issues. I analyze companies doing it right like QueBIT consulting and some that have fallen from graces like LoveSAC l, but they don’t even know it yet. People make you and people break you. Keep your people happy, appreciate their contributions, and maybe they in term will become a family. Roman Prokopchuk the Digital Savage out.

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Roman Prokopchuk Agency Founder & Podcaster

Roman is a 1st generation immigrant from Ukraine. He arrived in US with 6 other family members to a 2 bedroom apartment. Roman interned with the Secret Service and held a top secret government clearance. He was forced to become a self taught digital marketer as a result of the 2008 recession, and fell in love with it. Roman has 14 years of experience leading digital teams in senior leadership roles on over 600 campaigns across many industries. He founded Nova Zora Digital in 2012.

Roman is the host of the Digital Savage Experience Podcast, a Top 100 Podcast on Apple Podcasts for How To and has worked on other projects in the podcast space. He is a foster parent, and has had 29 kids in his home since June 2018. He became a foster parent by going through 6 miscarriages with his wife in 3 years, 2 of which happened on Christmas Days. With death, loss, and hardships Roman pushes through no matter what.