1. Ep 12: Build Your Boss Brand Katrina Julia 50:07

How are you building your brand? Have you thought about it? When is the last time you looked at basics to building. In this episode, Build Your Boss Brand – we will get into Brand Build – everything from the basics – to building – to a better business.
As entrepreneurs, many have not been exposed to basics, business plans, milestones, or road maps. For many of us, we didn’t grow up with an entrepreneurial background, or any teaching whatsoever on this topic. So it is not a surprise that >95% of businesses fail within the first 10 years.
There is hope though! With boss insight into tips, tools, and technology of building a business, you may breakthrough! The more you get clear on the basics, the faster you will get results.
There are many distractions vying for our attention. If you do not get clear on where you want to go with your buisness, and treating it like a business, it will be much harder for you.
It is time that we BUILD YOUR BOSS BRAND.
One of the easiest ways to BUILD YOUR BOSS BRAND is to be aware of countless tools that exist to help you. It is key to create a road map with milestones so you know where business is headed.  Here I expose to activities in each with the basics, build, and better.
On this episode, I will help you Build Your Boss Brand so that you feel equipped and empowered once and for all to create a life and business you love. You will explore tips, tools, and technology to help you. I share examples of my own story so that you know I relate and am also learning to build my boss brand with you.
I am constantly learning new ways to Build My Boss Brand, and help others do the same. More importantly, helping you feel more empowered than ever before.
For over 15 years, I experienced over 5 industries and >10 companies trying to find my way, and doing what I loved despite consistently making others 7-11 figures year over year. Then, I realized I had the power to build my own boss brand, and help others do the same.
Until I got clear on being capable of building a brand with our tribe, I stayed stuck. Once I shifted my mindset to focus on creating a life and business I love became clear. 
Hear all about Build Your Boss Brand in Episode 12.
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Including a whole module dedicated to Boss Brand!
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