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Concept Albums (Part 4 of 4) – Season 8 Episode 8

  1. Concept Albums (Part 4 of 4) - Season 8 Episode 8 Steve Atkins & Blake Bennett 37:01

One of the greatest Concept Albums of all time gets a full exploration: Sargeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. English co-host Steve Atkins talks in detail about the culture and everyday life that informed the stories in every song.

Blake Bennett Classic Rock Battles - the Limey and the Yank

Steve "the Limey" Atkins was born and raised in Manchester, England and hails from Florida, where he met Blake "the Yank" Bennett. Steve is a master stylist with experience in haircare. Blake was born in Texas, lived a lot of places, and is a tech nerd and voice actor with a home studio.

The two share a love of music and mental encyclopedias that overlap quite nicely, allowing them with each episode to pull out songs from both sides of the big pond and mock-argue about whose music is better.

The show is audio-only, with occasional live streams to Facebook or short promo fun bits on YouTube. They work for their shared venture The Limey and the Yank LLC, which produces the show.

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