1. Sharks Attack Channel Passionate World Talk Radio 48:03

Today’s guest is  Hal Miller, Host of a brilliant educational informative show called, “Sharks Happen ” on YouTube.  In this interview, Hal discusses how he became interested in sharks at age 10, what motivated him to have his show and what they discussed on the different stories on his show!

Hal is interested in the larger sharks such as Great White Sharks, Tigers, and Bull Sharks. Betsy and Hal discussed a theory as to why sharks attack a particular person when swimming in a group! In “Sharks Happen “covers shark attacks from the early 1900s to the present day from all over the world!
There is a show about the World War 2 ship “Indianapolis ” the worst sea disaster in US Naval History on “Sharks Happen. ” You should not miss this show on Hal’s Youtube Channel.  Betsy learned more information about sharks by watching  “Sharks Happen “and also some history about  World War 2 and the ship Indianapolis.  Betsy highly recommends watching  “Sharks Happen “!  Hal is a great Storyteller!

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy

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