The Baby Boomer Investing Show, Season 3, Episode 1 “Meet Jennie”–A Realistic Robotic Emotional Support Animal by TomBot.”

Tuesday, October 19, , 2021

10:00 AM PST
11:00 AM MST
11:00 AM MDT
12:00 PM CST
1:00 PM EST

Your hosts, Ron Surz and Kathy Tarochione welcome Tom Stevens, CEO & Co-Founder of TomBot. Tom will introduce “Jennie”–a Robotic Emotional Support Animal that aims to be the first realistic and affordable, FDA-regulated robotic animal serving as a medical device.

Robotic Animals transform the daily lives of individuals, families and communities facing health adversities. Named one of TIME Magazine’s 2020 Best Inventions, Tombot’s realistic robot animals were designed to help 50M+ seniors with dementia and mild cognitive impairment worldwide. A number projected to reach 152M+ by 2050.

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