Author: Dr. Karen Gail Lewis

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Why Don’t You Understand – A Gender Relationship Dictionary &Raquo; 184 Bbook Photo

Looking to dispel confusion in the hotbed of misunderstandings called your relationship? Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and communication between you and your significant other is smooth as silk all the time: you are on the same wavelength 24/7 and you never find yourself in the position of having to figure out where the other is coming from. You may be an anomaly, so this little dictionary of sorts is not for you, you’ve got it. But for the rest of us Dr. Karen Gail Lewis writes Why Don’t You Understand? And you’re saying, “I thought I did.” Well, think again, and read this one cover to cover for some enlightenment. The next time a response confuses you, or a reaction throws you over the edge, refer to the handy gender reference book (that would probably be well placed on your nightstand…or better yet, buy a copy to keep in every room!) and decipher the words and body language so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Here’s the catch, if there is one: It doesn’t help for one relationship participant to read it while the other uses it to swat flies. It’s a little like what would happen if you traveled in a different country together and one of you used the language dictionary to communicate while the other used it to— you guessed it— swat flies. One of you will get stuck doing all the talking and that, in and of itself, thwarts progress. So look at this one together, laugh a little, but then let the “aha(s)!” begin!

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