Author: Janice Taylor

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

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I am immensely comforted by the words, “all is forgiven, move on.” It matters little what exactly your predicament is or what obstacle you face, those words provide the permission to be kind to yourself; to release yourself into the freedom to be you. Dealing with weight issues requires kindness, patience and forgiveness—Janice Taylor knows this. As a weight-loss coach and certified hypnotist (and delightful humorist!) she entitles her creation, “All is Forgiven, Move On,” and sets out to accompany the reader on her own personal “Journey to Sveltsville.”

However, prepare yourself, the energy unleashed on its pages will make it quite difficult to retire to a cozy corner and settle in, lazily leafing through its chapters or “steps.” There are one hundred and one of those steps to be exact, they move quickly and are invigorating—short and, oh so sweet, with their sassy prose and visually amusing décor.

From beginning to end, Taylor marches with the reader to her weight-loss goal; soothing her tired psyche with a jolt of laughter, a dollop of compassion. She waged her own weight-loss battle and won, finishing 5olbs lighter, not just in body but also spirit. Taylor is thrilled to pass that on to the reader through amusing anecdotes, delicious, “lite” recipes, “forgivercizes,” Fashion tips and “activities for keeping a light attitude.” It is all here, showcased in an entertaining “collage” of helpful weight-loss tools; “All is Forgiven, Move On” is a must read, a must have, a must do!

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