Author: Betty Breuhaus

Reviewed By: Dotsie Bregel

When The Sun Goes Down: Planning The Funeral Of Your Life &Raquo; 121 Bbook Photo

One might pick this book up so they can learn the importance of planning for end of life issues such as funerals, caskets, wills, cremation, funeral homes, etc.

While theses topics are covered extensively with gentleness and expertise, readers will also find a hidden gem throughout the pages.

Reading a book about being involved with closure on one’s life was eye opening. I learned as much about living, as I learned about dying. The author causes you to reflect on what you want to leave behind. One is nudged to consider your life purpose, general philosophy for living, one’s faith, and more. You will find yourself reviewing your perspective on living, which can be a life changing occurrence. What is your legacy?

The author reminds us that no one gets out alive, death is a part of life, and regardless of what one believes about what occurs after death, it’s vital to plan for it. Not only does the planning give us a sense of relief, it’s a tremendous gift to those we leave behind.

I was touched by the thought of a funeral being the last opportunity to share your life philosophy with family and friends. Choosing hymns/songs, readings or scripture, and possibly writing a final message to family and friends shares a preparedness and a final personal touch to your life which loved ones can carry with them forever.

Betty Breuhaus takes what can be a touchy topic and makes death easy to embrace as a part of life, as it should be.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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