Author: Tracy Lynn Harp

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

Tracy Harp has written a lovely, short book of poetry inspired by real life experiences including the good, not so good, and sometimes even the hurtful. As you read each page, one can feel the emotional roller coaster of emotions that gave birth to each poem, yet it shows that drama, love, and even the mundane belong. Clearly, this writer evolved over time, Moving through life first owning then capturing each experience. The results are wisps of life and the lessons it allowed.

I felt a connection with the personal insight and morals offered in certain poems, and marveled at the understanding and wisdom contained in such a short book. Sometimes wishful, sometimes sorrowful, Seeds to Grow On compels the reader to pause and contemplate their own life.

Sometimes good things do come in small packages.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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