Author: Ginnie Mesibov

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Outer Strength. Inner Strength &Raquo; 71 Bbook Photo

Ginnie Mesibov is celebrating life. As she has faced challenges, both physical and emotional, she has held tightly to her faith in God, allowing it to sustain her and carry her through.

Giving back in ways that offer peace and understanding, Mesibov brings together messages of hope and hands them to her “sisters” in the form of a weekly devotional. Placed before the reader are the insights born from clearing life’s obstacles. Touching on the issues we all face in striving to create lives that are whole and meaningful, Outer Strength. Inner Strength, is an uplifting voice; a gentle reminder of the comforting strength of God’s love.

The weekly messages serve to bolster our spirits, encourage our confidence and open our eyes to the simple yet intricate wonders that fill our days. Mesibov points to those wonders and helps us to claim them.

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