Author: Toby Devens

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

My Favorite Midlife Crisis – Yet &Raquo; 68 Bbook Photo

What happens when a beautiful, 50-something OB/Gyn specialists discovers her husband of 26 years is leaving her for another man? Her world crumbles before her very eyes. She’s paid her dues as the devoted wife, friend, doctor, and Mother. Now what? This wasn’t supposed to happen. She’s finally reached “Midlife” where the years are supposed to give back, to be the best ones of her life, however, she has to divide her emotions and time between a father who’s in the throws of Alzheimer’s, and an ex-husband who is constantly in need of her forgiveness. To top it off, she’s single after 26 years of marriage.

After two years of hiding out from life, and of deep reflection, Gwyn realizes she is an empty nester, has money, a thriving OB/Gyn practice, good friends, and a beautiful apartment. The only thing missing is Mr. Right. Its time to move on.

And move she does! With the help of her two zany, yet lovable friends, Gywn takes us through each adventure and each Misadventure as she struggles to reinvent her life, learning to trust again, and also learning how to let go, and ultimately, to forgive. While coming to terms with different kinds of losses is a part of the theme within the pages of this wonderful book, it’s certainly not the prevailing one. I found much love, laughter, and hope in every chapter. In my opinion, these three mismatched friends, each with a secret side, bring this book to life from the get-go.

My advice to you is to pick up this book, read a chapter, cry, laugh hysterically, moan, whatever, then call you best friend and read an entire chapter to her. Repeat daily. It wasn’t hard at all to love the characters in this book. What was hard . . . was leaving them.

You owe it to your Boomer self to read, My Favorite Midlife Crisis – Yet. You’ll be so glad you did!

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