Author: Shelley Hussey

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

Hardly a person today can say they haven’t been touched in some way by mental illness at certain points in their lives. Maybe it was their partner or spouse, their children, friends, or co-workers. This book was written for each and every one of these people because the author knows that mental illness does not recognize age or social boundaries.

I found Hussey’s book to be open, honest, and lighthearted; and her words will certainly give courage to many who struggle daily with deep fears, anxieties, and a sense of hopelessness. Read it for no other reason than to understand these issues and how they affect everyone differently. You’ll probably find yourself within the pages of Hussey’s book, but you’ll also find a glowing spirit and mounds of compassion. This is where the healing begins.

The best thing about this book, aside from her sharp wit and wicked sense of humor, is Hussey’s intention for sharing her own journey, and that of others, so that mental sufferers everywhere can have new information about their own “quirks” or “cooties,” as she calls them, and be offered ways to deal with them.

A nice compliment to each chapter’s end is the appropriate Scriptures quoted accompanied with words of inspiration and encouragement. An update on the author’s life (including her family) is given at the end of the book along with ample resources, Mental Notes, and Discussion Topics for book clubs.

Written from the heart, Shelley gives it all to her readers and does so with unbelievable clarity and understanding for someone who is dissecting their own life from the outside in. She lovingly provides all with intermittent doses of humor, words of encouragement, and some very spirited wisdom. Mission accomplished.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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