Author: Eli Davidson

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

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Those of us who have embarked on creating positive change in our lives know how daunting this journey can be. Whether the struggle is with weight, unfulfilled financial or personal goals, or with patterns of negativity that we just can’t seem to break, Eli Davidson’s Funky to Fabulous uses humor, wit, and sound advice to identify those struggles and then, catapults us forward. A motivational speaker and an Authentic Success Coach with a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, Eli is creative, upbeat, and original. She tackles relationship, career, and body Image issues in deep, yet light-hearted ways, enabling the realization that, yes, there are serious matters to tackle in our lives, but the solutions are relatively easy and right at our fingertips.

While occasionally some self-help books offer overwhelming and difficult strategies, Funky to Fabulous provides practical and realistic approaches to making the absolute most of every day, and every situation. Eli challenges women to have fun while they tackle their demons—play and let loose to find the things that bring them joy. The process of getting to know ourselves isn’t so painful after all. Funky to Fabulous made me laugh, encouraged me to be gentle with myself, and empowered me to take small, yet significant steps to a better me—and it doesn’t hurt that I am enjoying myself along the way!

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