Author: Mary Anne Benedetto

Reviewed By: Anne Holmes

This is a fun, quick read, exactly the sort of book to pack as you head off on a summer vacation.

The story begins in an Upper East Side Manhattan apartment, where empty-nesters Laina and Dan Strickland have happily moved, after raising a family in suburban Connecticut. Laina loves their eighth-floor view of Central Park and delights in big-city life.

We quickly learn that the Strickland’s, a physically attractive couple, both tall, sandy haired, blue eyed and fitness obsessed, have each been employed at their respective firms for over twenty years – she as a CPA in a prominent accounting firm, he as the director of the legal department for a mega-insurance company.

Life is safe, sane and serene until Dan comes home one night, invites Laina to dinner at a special restaurant and drops a bombshell: “I just can’t continue this way any longer,” he announces.

Once she figures out that – thankfully — Dan isn’t advocating divorce, Laina is surprised to discover that her husband is tired of being a corporate wonk, and wants to change careers. “At the risk of sounding like an old television sitcom,” he explains, “I want to own an inn – a bed and breakfast.”

And thus the story is unleashed, and we join Laina and Dan in their precipitous move to Cape May, New Jersey. As you might guess, plenty of angst and adventure ensue, as Laina attempts to survive the move, both physically and spiritually.

  • Will their marriage survive the 24/7 togetherness of innkeeping?
  • Will Dan figure out that there is more to his side of the equation than just playing golf with the guests?
  • Will Laina decide to leave him for an exotic life in Las Vegas, as her cousin advocates?

Eyelash manages to combine humor, mystery and a touch of inspiration. You’ll enjoy this story as you root for Laina in her quest to get her life back under control.

Do the Strickland’s manage to become successful innkeepers? You’ll know that, too, by the end of the book.

This is author Mary Anne Benedetto’s first book. She’s a Certified Life Writing Instructor and is currently editing her second, Never Say Perfect.

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