Author: Bernadette Giorgi

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Attitude: Ballet &Amp; Pilates Fusion Beyond 50 And Fabulous (Dvd) &Raquo; 62 Bbook Photo

Bernadette has developed this gentle, yet challenging exercise program that is sure to produce results. The DVD takes you through a complete workout which strengthens core muscles, sculpts the body and increases flexibility. Tailored to meet the needs of both the beginner and those that exercise regularly, the routine combines the graceful movements of ballet with the fluid movements of pilates to tone and strengthen. The Just B Method, created by Giorgi, was designed with “women over 50 in mind,” but is an effective means of exercise for women of all ages and skill levels.

I found it to be a solid workout. Giorgi’s soothing manner and voice made for a very pleasant experience. Ballet and Pilates Fusion can be used as a sole means of exercise or to vary your already established exercise program. The no-impact approach is kind to the body. While the stimulating background music played throughout the entire workout was relaxing and rhythmic, I think I would have enjoyed a change up of style at some point to surprise my senses.

However, overall, the Just B Method is a wonderful way to get the “sleek, sexy and strong physique you’ve always wanted. And the best part is that you can achieve this in your own home.

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