We mistakenly believe there is a Grief hierarchy, with the intensity of loss more legitimate for some events than others. The criteria are usually based on social norms. In this article, I explain that the intensity and duration of Grief are related to the importance the lost person, pet, ability, or object had in our lives. Even more important, […]

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Stan Goldberg Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University

I am a person living with cancer, a Professor Emeritus who for more than 25 years taught, provided therapy, researched, and published in the areas of learning problems, communication disorders, loss, change, and end-of-life issues. For eight years I was a bedside hospice volunteer and currently counsel caregivers.

More than 200 free articles on topics that affect seniors appear on my website, stangoldbergwriter.com. I also have authored nine books, the latest PREVENTING SENIOR MOMENTS: HOW TO STAY ALERT INTO YOUR 90S AND BEYOND is available from all online booksellers and can be ordered through brick-and-mortar stores.

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