We need to find ways to make our voices heard, here are some more ideas.

Stay informed about proposed
legislation related to senior rights and ageism. Support bills and initiatives
that aim to address these issues and urge your elected officials to support
them as well. Share information about relevant legislation with your networks
to raise awareness and build broader support. Pick up the phone and write to
your mayors, MLAs, and MPs. Let them know about the challenges we face in our
communities and the support we require. In the community I live, the number of
individuals over 50 accounts for 38% of the population, with 16% being over 65.
Shockingly, there are 40,000 seniors over 65, outnumbering the 32,000 students
attending school. We can be ignored only if our politicians don’t want to be

Engage with younger
generations to foster understanding and solidarity. Encourage open discussions
about ageism, its impact on seniors, and the importance of respecting and
valuing older adults. By promoting intergenerational dialogue, we can challenge
stereotypes and work towards a more inclusive society.

Seniors over 65 in BC who
are not in long-term care or assisted living are required to pay for the
NACI-recommended Fluzone High Dose Influenza Vaccine, costing approximately $75
to $90. Meanwhile, provinces like Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New
Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Yukon Territory provide this vaccine for
free. The federal government covers the cost for those in long-term care and
assisted living. Why are seniors in BC not receiving the recommended Fluzone
High Dose Influenza Vaccine? Instead, they are offered a trivalent Fluad vaccine
not recommended by NACI. We must prioritize the health of seniors, keeping them
out of hospitals by taking proactive measures.

The high cost of vaccines
poses another challenge. Many vulnerable seniors cannot afford the Shingles
vaccine (priced at $300) or the Pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar 20 (costing
approximately $150) to prevent pneumonia. Given that 74% of seniors already
have pre-existing chronic conditions that lower their immunity, preventive
action by the Ministry of Health would significantly reduce hospital

Remember when we discussed
getting “badass” again? Well, now is the time to act. Reach out to
your MLAs and contact your mayors, expressing your concerns and needs. Use this
link to identify your MLA: ((leg.bc.ca)). If we don’t
raise our voices and address our concerns, no one else will. An election is
approaching in BC, scheduled on or before October 19, 2024. Parties and
candidates will be formulating their platforms and seeking our votes. As
seniors, we possess the power to drive change. This is our call to action!

Consider utilizing media
platforms to share your perspectives and advocate against ageism. Write op-eds,
create blog posts, or contribute articles to local newspapers or online
publications. Use storytelling as a powerful tool to raise awareness and
challenge negative narratives surrounding aging.

By taking these actions,
seniors can make a significant impact in raising awareness about ageism,
improving their treatment during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and
influencing policy decisions. Together, we can work towards a society that
values and respects people of all ages, ensuring that seniors receive the
support and dignity they deserve.

Let’s make a difference and
demand the attention, support, and resources we deserve. Together, we can
create a better future for all seniors in our communities.

Originally Published on https://boomersnotsenior.blogspot.com/

I served as a teacher, a teacher on Call, a Department Head, a District Curriculum, Specialist, a Program Coordinator, and a Provincial Curriculum Coordinator over a forty year career. In addition, I was the Department Head for Curriculum and Instruction, as well as a professor both online and in person at the University of Phoenix (Canada) from 2000-2010.

I also worked with Special Needs students. I gave workshops on curriculum development and staff training before I fully retired

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