New For Christmas

Soft, Warm
Hyacinth Color
1/2 Zip

Stretch 1/2 Zip
Pink Rush Color

Soft Warm Hyacinth Colored 1/4 Zip

Silver Color
TShirt Hoodie

Black Color
TShirt Hoodie

Ladies Inspired
Navy Color

Mens Inspired
Navy Color

Ladies Heather Grey
3/4 Sleeve

Soft Shell
Cyan Color
Ladies Jacket

Ladies 1/2 Zip
Warm and Cozy
White Color

Mens Black
3 Stripe
Long Sleeve

Ladies Black


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Rodney “Rocket” Grubbs is a USAPA Legacy rated 5.0 player and has been playing pickleball for over 10 years, and has medaled in many sanctioned tournaments including Gold medals in the 2017 Spanish Open, the 2018 Italian Open, The Duel in the Desert in Casa Grande, The Happy Trails Classic, The Pebble Creek Classic and numerous USAPA Regional tournaments.

Rocket is the USAPA Ambassador for Southeast Indiana, but travels the country promoting the growth of pickleball through his family’s company and world famous apparel brand, Pickleball Rocks (

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