Why are Second Opinions Important?

Why are second opinions important? They can reduce your risk of misdiagnosis and help you get the best care and outcome possible. Let’s face it – it’s overwhelming and scary to be diagnosed with a serious illness.

But what if your doctor is wrong? What if he/she determines you have one condition when you actually have another? Or perhaps your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong with you, but that’s not true.

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Roberta Carson President of Zaggo, Inc.

I started Zaggo, a nonprofit organization, to help patients and family caregivers manage illnesses and injuries, after caring for my teenage son Zachary during his 27-month battle with terminal brain cancer. My caregiving experience led to a passion for helping patients and family caregivers be engaged, empowered members of their medical teams to help them get the best healthcare and outcomes possible.

I have won several awards for my work, including a recent "Visionary Award" from Caregiving.com, and a "Website of the Year Caring Award" from Caregiving Years Training Academy.

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