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Rita R. Robison Newsletter
1. Cut all those high-priced parts of Valentine’s Day and make it about you and your partner with these suggestions such as a special and romantic dinner date at home and other budget friendly Valentine’s Day date night ideas.
2. Check out this list of the best companies for your Valentine’s Day online flower delivery service. The Bouqs Co. gets the nod for the most beautiful and freshest flowers while Costco is the choice for best budget bouquets.
3. Watch for deals on streaming services because Paramount+ and Showtime have announced that they’re merging their offerings later this year to try and compete with other bundlers such as Disney+.
4. Save money and help the environment by only getting a new smartphone when it’s necessary. A quiz can help you determine if it’s the right time.
5. Want crispy fries without all the oil? Check out these recommendations for air fryers from Consumer Reports.
6. Make your home more energy efficient and get a tax break, too, with this information on recent tax credits and rebates.
7. Check out these seven inexpensive or free ways to create a more organized closet.
8. Get rid of 15- or 20-year-old appliances and buy a smart thermostat are ways to use appliances in a better way than the 1970s to save cash — and emissions.
9. Check out these five signs you have the wrong travel insurance.
10. Get a free airplane ticket to Hong Kong because the government is offering 500,000 free tickets in an effort to lure tourists back.
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February 9, 2023

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