My latest manuscript is back in the hands of my able and trusting editor. She’ll make the edits, send it on to a proofreader, and format the work into a galley proof. 

I probably added another 800 words to the manuscript, bringing the total to about 60k. There were some transitions needed between scenes, dialogue fixes, and additional descriptive passages in the “show, don’t tell” category.

The galley will return to me for a final read and minor edits for any typos as well as grammatical errors, and misspellings that may have slipped through on the first edits. If you’re wondering if I’m getting tired of reading and editing the manuscript, well you’re right. But it’s a process that has to be done to make things right for the writer and reader.

While I’m busy with the words, the graphic artist at Wings ePress will try to capture the essence of the words into a book cover that will pique the interest of readers. 

If all goes well, the manuscript and cover will magically (at least in my mind) transform into a book, the fifth in the John Ross Boomer Lit series, on Oct. 1. 

And here is a recent read:

Manuscript Report: Back To The Editor And Recent Read &Raquo; Creating%2Blitearay%2Bstories

William H. Coles’s book is for those who are interested in writing fiction, providing examples of how to approach different areas such as scenes, characters, structure, dialogue, and revision. He’s the author of novels, short stories, and essays,  He also created, a useful website with resources for writers, illustrators, and readers of literary fiction. Check it out!

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