Once you have pierced ears, you don’t think about wearing clip on earrings anymore. Yet Lesley inspired me when she added one to a layered necklace outfit, so I figured I should find some outstanding ways to use clip on earrings so they can see the light of day.

I mean heck, maybe you have a pair sitting in your jewelry drawer, because they’ve been passed down from older family members. Let’s have fun with figuring out some great ways to use clip on earrings.

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If you’ve been around my blog for a while, then you know I like to be the “Boss of my Clothes” and that includes accessories too. What that means, is to stop categorizing the items we have, and think of them in a whole different light.

Insider tip: Many secondhand stores have clip on earrings for sale, or else ask your older relatives.

This idea of transforming our Wardrobe or accessories is one of my superpowers and you can find many more ideas below if you are interested.

1-Lesley: Jewelry is Jewelry

Layering Necklaces As Ways To Use Clip On Earrings
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When Lesley showed up for our blog photos a couple of years ago wearing this amazing neck creation, I had to paw through it to see how she put it together. One of her secrets included ways to use a clip on earring as an adornment on the creation.

Lesley started this layering with the multi-strand turquoise necklace and then added the gold discs on a clear filament that is carefully woven between those strands. Then came the 5-petal flower which is a clip on earring.

The secret to remembering this trick is to repeat, “Jewelry is jewelry”. Just because you buy a piece categorized in one way, doesn’t mean it can’t function in different ways.

2-Ways to Use Clip On Earrings On Your Shoes

Who remembers shoe clips from back in the day? Your clip on earrings usually come as a pair, so you can use them to decorate both shoes.

They can work in the front of many pumps or flats.
Another thought is to clip it on the back where the heel is.
Or do as I did here, and hang them from the ankle strap.

These shoes are embroidered heeled sandals from DSW. The brand is Jessica Simpson, and I converted the buckle ankle strap to velcro years ago.

Insider tip: See the short video on Facebook showing how fast and easy it is to convert buckle ankle strap shoes.

3-Decorate a Wrap or Fabric Belt

Add Clip On Earrings To A Self Belt

The advantage of thinking of ways to use clips on earrings as opposed to decorating with a brooch, is you aren’t putting a hole in the clothing material. So for this light blue, floaty dress that I won in a giveaway, I used the clip on earrings to decorate the wrap belt.

Confession: I liked the look better with only one of the earrings which is how I ended up wearing it for the rest of the day.

This trick also works great when wearing any self-belts that are fabric.

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4-Cover Up an Elastic Fix

I’m constantly talking about how to use clear elastics (found on Amazon) to pull in extra fabric. Yet you don’t always want to see the blip of extra material. So a clip on earring can act as camouflage.

This dress is from the company Masai Copenhagen which is now available to US customers. I’ve also showcased a fabulous black skirt recently from the same company. Their items are meant to be wearable and easy.
I ordered my usual size of XS, and it’s very roomy. Yet it makes sense when checking out their size guide as it’s very generous.

Insider discount: Masai Copenhagen has given me a discount code if you are interested, JTOUCHOFSTYLEbao10

5-What Else Can I Do with Clip On Earrings

Decorate The Straps Of Your Top
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I used this idea when I was experimenting with how to change up wearing a tank top. This Mott & Bow relaxed slub tee is such a fabulous basic for summertime, yet I wanted to add some accessories.

In our extremely hot summers, I lay off wearing necklaces, but this turned out to be a great way to give the look something extra without feeling heavy.

By threading the clip portion of the earring through the shirt material AND my bra strap, I made the clip on earrings not only decorative but also functional.

Other Ideas for Using Clip On Earrings

This list is not all-inclusive, and I’m sure once you put your thinking cap on, you can come up with some great options of how to use clip on earrings that I haven’t shown here.
Also, if you only have one of the earrings, a couple of these ideas can still be used.

Just to give you a couple more thoughts:

  • Take off the clip on portion and glue on a post for pierced ears. You can find these pieces on Amazon.
  • Hang the clip on earring on a chain necklace to act as a pendant
  • If you are willing to take the earring apart, this article has a bunch of ideas that are creative.

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Creative Ways To Use Clip On Earrings

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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