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 Author: Dr. Eric Zabiegalski  Category: Psychology  Published: 15 Feb, 2023  ISBN: 9798889555568  Pages: 242  Language: English  Tags: Book | Eric Zabiegalski |  Buy Now

UNTHINK, All You Have To Do Is Nothing is about unblocking the subconscious and allowing it to guide your navigation of this reality. Thinking requires focus, but unthinking demands more: choosing courage and suspended judgment over comfort. “Proprioception of thought” is a term and concept first suggested by the brilliant late physicist David Bohm. UNTHINK advocates for breaking the compulsory “thinking” cycle by triangulating awareness, observation, and the voice in your head in the proper order to pinpoint a truer reality and clearer picture of now and tomorrow.

Joining Indigenous ways of knowing (IWOK) with Western ways and science, UNTHINK weaves seminal research, practical advice, and storytelling to teach you to build intellectual and emotional muscle. Examining the critical art of unthinking, UNTHINK reveals that we don’t have to believe everything we think or internalize everything we feel. It lets go of un-serving views and prizes mental flexibility over foolish consistency.

What if you could distinguish intuition from bias, memory from awareness, observation from reflexive thought? You can, and I can teach you how. UNTHINK will keep its promise to take you on a journey and deliver you to a new destination, changed in the end. Get out of your head; start UNTHINK-ing!

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