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Do Not Go Quietly

 Author: George Cappannelli  Category: Psychology  Published: 17 Mar, 2015  ISBN: 082530749X  Pages: 286  Language: English  Tags: Book | George Cappannelli | Psychology |  Buy Now

Winner of 9 national book awards, Do Not Go Quietly is an inspiring call to action and guide to a life of greater meaning, consciousness, and passion for those “who weren’t born yesterday”–GenXers, Boomers, and Elders. It also speaks honestly and eloquently to those under 40 who want to better navigate the path ahead and better understand the world for which they will soon be responsible. It reminds us all that when we turn away from what we are passionate about, we dim the light of our intellect, depress our energies, diminish our health, and prevent ourselves from achieving the very thing we came here to this earth to accomplish–living the lives we were born to live. So, if you are in, or are approaching the second half of life, this book invites you to take the matter of how and why you live back into your own hands. It encourages you to use the tremendous power and resources available to you to ensure that you do not slip quietly and meekly into the background, but instead live your life with the dignity, purpose, and quality of experience you deserve.

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