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She Came from Heaven

 Author: Rosanne Pellicane  Category: Religion  Published: 01 Dec, 2007  ISBN: 143271709X  Pages: 220  Language: English  Tags: Book | Religion | Rosanne Pellicane |  Buy Now

A story written from the heart She Came From Heaven is anything but a cute little doggie book. Rather, it is a kaleidoscope filled with wonderful detailed descriptions of characters, settings and situations that lure the reader into a crisis they never saw coming. The journey back from the frontier of desperation often moved me to tears. The further I got into the story, the more emotion was being poured out. She Came From Heaven has great elements of transition and foreshadowing that build drama and intrigue to the last page. Writer/Editor – Ginny De Mille “The dog’s identity remained unknown, untraceable. She lived off the radar with no past, no present. Her history had been erased. I started to believe she had been enrolled in The Witness Protection Program. But at witness to what?”

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