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Sages of Aging: a Guide for Changemakers

 Author: Ken Dychtwald  Category: Aging  Published: 30 Jun, 2022  ISBN: 1685077803  Language: English  Tags: Book | Ken Dychtwald |  Buy Now

This book is the result of a series of twelve conversations conducted over Zoom with some of the foremost elder changemakers in the fields of aging and longevity, and it captures the essence of their wisdom and perspective in their own words. Subjects discussed with these leaders include the individual, social, and systemic dimensions of equity and inequity; averting a new era of mass elder poverty; the efficacy of today’s healthcare system for the chronic health challenges of older adults and their families; ageism in the media and popular culture; and the purposeful opportunities and obligations of today’s and tomorrow’s elders. Each leader is asked about their own origin story, their feelings about the fields of aging and longevity, and to reflect on their own aging, among other topics. This book will be interesting to readers young and old, as we all must come to terms with our aging and the legacies we choose to leave behind, and it has the potential to change readers’ views on the future of their studies, their work, and their lives.

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