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 Author: M. C. A  Category: History  Published: 07 May, 2018  ISBN: 1980793131  Pages: 214  Language: English  Tags: Book | History | M. C. A |  Buy Now

This is a somewhat light-hearted and thought-provoking story of an average family that grew out of the aftermath of World War II. The father was a US Army soldier in Europe. The mother was living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee during The Manhattan Project.If you are a member of the Baby Boomer generation, you most likely have a collection of quiet heroes in your blood. Your parents are known as America’s Greatest Generation. Although they may not talk about their early struggles, they witnessed a point in time that we have not experienced.Baby Boomers may think that life has been all about us, and because of our numbers, that is somewhat true. So take this ride through the 1940’s and beyond to rediscover your family roots and childhood memories. Then settle in to think about how our amazing parents raised us, and just how amazing they truly were.

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