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Keep Smiling: Shift Happens

- (Washington DC (DMV) Leadership 5.0 Color Edition)
 Author: Dr Dan Amzallag  Category: Health & Fitness  Pages: 92  Tags: Book | Dan Amzallag |  Buy Now

In short, a smile is the most powerful expression on earth! It is an expression of connection, positivity, and even love. When we experience a challenging day, a smile shifts our focus off the negative and towards the positive. A smile avoids the attraction of what we do not want, the limiting mindset of aloneness, negativity, and scarcity. A smile causes a shift in the mind. This book shares two beautiful stories of the power of a smile and shares a hundred photos and quotes from authors, leaders, speakers, and celebrities. These people were chosen because they influence us to feel better. Just as a child’s laughter is contagious, so is a smile. This book will help you create a better state of mind to be the powerful person you are. A smile radiates positive energy, and this book will help you attract what you and everyone ultimately wants in life… Happiness! Many would agree that true success in life reflects how many smiles you have had and how many smiles you create. Keep Smiling and Donate to

To expand on the previous information, your legacy story matters. Everyone has a story, so what do you choose to share with your friends, your peers, your loved ones, and the world so that they know your story and know your reason to smile. The Keep Smiling Movement, a 501(3)c, a mental and dental health organization, is determined to capture a world of smiles as well as the legacy story behind them.

The idea of capturing your legacy story stemmed from Co-Founder Ken Rochon losing his mother to Alzheimer’s and realizing the disappointment that he never had the opportunity to know her story. In the series of Keep Smiling books, each coauthor shares a short TedTalkesque story from their heart. These inspiring stories illuminate why these authors came to be who they are, what led them to lose their smile, what they overcame to rediscover it, and how they spread smiles to others through their messages, products, and services.

However, research shows that smiles are supported through connection and community become a positive contagion. Therefore, the Keep Smiling series integrates photographs featuring 100 smiles of either the coauthor’s fans, followers, mentors, peers, attendees, and some professionals, celebrities, athletes, or influencers. These are chosen to be in the book as they are admired, respected, and revered as ‘somebody’ in the author’s world. When you see smiles, neurologically, your brain smiles, releasing dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins (D.O.S.E). Hence, the books spread “a D.O.S.E. of HOPE.” Solidifying smiles, the Keep Smiling books are integrated with 100 positive smile quotes written to motivate, inspire, and enlighten positivity for the reader.

In this edition, we feature amazing people who have been recognized for their talents, skills, and excellence, which when combined with the back story of the Keep Smiling Movement, you are move to smile, share your smile with others, and contemplate how your smile affects the world. Imagine a world where YOU are part of a Society Merging International Leaders and Entrepreneurs for Social-Responsibility (S.M.I.L.E.S) shares the expression of a smile cross-culturally as a sign of love and acceptance. With a contagion like smiles, you positively affect the world one smile at a time. Be a part of the Keep Smiling Movement and Keep Smiling.

When you read, invest, or gift a Keep Smiling series book, you contribute to the Keep Smiling Movement’s mission increasing positivity to the world by contributing to the mental and dental health of millions of people around the globe. Keep Smiling and Donate to

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