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July 8th, 2024

35. The Rise of Fractional Work in Product Management with Ben Erez

  1. 35. The Rise of Fractional Work in Product Management with Ben Erez Estee Goldschmidt 1:05:24

Transforming Tech Careers: The Rise of Fractional Work with Ben Erez

In this episode, we explore the revolutionary concept of ‘fractional work’ and its impact on career trajectories in the tech industry. Our guest, Ben Erez, shares his experience transitioning from a full-time product manager to embracing fractional work. He discusses his roles with Continuum, benefits of fractional engagements, types of fractional roles such as advisory and interim positions, and strategies for building a successful career in this field. The conversation also highlights balancing personal and professional life, especially as a parent, the value of maintaining a diversified portfolio, and the importance of pursuing work that energizes and excites you.

00:00 Introduction to Fractional Work

00:20 Personal Background and Initial Exposure to Fractional Work

01:02 Understanding Fractional Work

01:43 Real-World Experiences with Fractional Work

05:24 Financial Viability of Fractional Work

07:24 Advisory Roles in Fractional Work

16:25 Interim Roles and Their Challenges

28:28 Part-Time Product Management

30:58 Balancing Fractional Engagements

31:23 Challenges of Context Switching

33:01 Choosing the Right Tribe

35:00 The Owner’s Mindset

36:54 PM and Interview Coaching

46:22 Navigating Parenthood and Work

51:16 Building a Fractional Career

58:31 Final Thoughts on Career Fulfillment



Ben is a fractional product leader, interview coach, podcast host and newsletter author. He has been a 1st PM at 3 startups, and also worked for large companies including Meta. Ben is frank and insightful, and full of practical tips for anyone interested in fractional leadership.

How can non-technical people tap into the wonders of artificial intelligence? Why is Gen Z choosing to not have children?
Estee is a digital product leader in startups who is also a wife and mom of two. In her podcast, she navigates through the challenges with her guests.

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