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Guardian by David Wood

The story of a wolf…

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It was a JOY to welcome David Wood to join me in the studio to talk about his book: GUARDIAN, a story about a wolf set in Minnesota.  As someone born in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I was aware of the near extinction of wolves in the area and found this story of a college professor working to save wolves fascinating. 

This was a fun interview as we talked about some of the authors who have influenced him and about how writing has been a lifelong passion. Excellent writing kept me turning the pages


This is the third and final book in the Hunter Trilogy. The story takes place in late sixties Minnesota. The three main characters: the wolf, Rabbitrunner; the trapper Jessie George Custer “Cutter” Armstrong; and the college professor trying to save the wolves, Dean Hoover. Whereas the first two books followed the legend of the outlaw wolf Cloudwalker–known as “The Shadow Wolf” to the human trappers–the third book takes the legend and lifts it up to the level of mythology. The characters will all come together for one final showdown in the middle of the Minnesota woods.

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When he played with wolves…
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