Friday - February 23rd, 2024
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Train Your Inner Mammal to Feel Good Now

You can spark more of the chemicals that make you feel good: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, or endorphin. We have more power over these happy chemicals than you realize. We’ve inherited them from animals and we manage them with brain structures that all mammals have in common. When you know how your happy chemicals work in animals, you see how to get them in your life today.

This Is Not What I’ve Heard…

No one tells you the simple facts about this brain we’ve inherited.

  • Our happy chemicals are not meant to flow all the time for no reason.
  • Our brain is wired by its past experience with each chemical.
  • You rewire yourself when you repeat a new experience consistently.

Nothing is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with us. We’re mammals!

There is no one right way to be happy or manage your brain. Each of us builds on the pathways connected by our own past experience. Rewiring is the most valuable skill you can have! This course shows you how to detect your old neural network and tailor it to best meet your needs.

The focus is not on finding fault with yourself or the world around you. Nor is the focus on diet and exercise. The course focuses on the natural triggers of happy chemicals, so you can find healthy ways to stimulate them.

In two months, you can finish the course and build your first new circuit. You will be thrilled to find your power over your brain! Then you’ll start building the next new happy circuit, and the next. You will know how to wire in new behavior or thought patterns that spark your dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin.

Why This Course?

You will learn natural ways to stimulate your happy chemicals and build new neural pathways so you flow there easily. Each lesson includes exercises that guide you to apply it to your unique individual brain.

  • 25 Video Lessons
  • 75 Practical Exercises
  • 15 Slideshows