Wednesday - December 6th, 2023
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Leaving a Legacy

Has there ever been a moment when a shared story transformed how you understood someone you love? Perhaps an endearing childhood story or an unknown family secret that brought a new light to an old passion or habit.

Is there information from your past would that may impact how they think or feel about you? Are there favorite recipes you would like to pass down, funny experiences, even family secrets? This past Mother’s Day I shared a childhood experience with my son that seemed to change his understanding of a passion of mine. The story is included in this course.

In Mitch Albom’s book “For One More Day”, learning things about his mothers’ past after her death helps him understand things about her life and his, putting some of his feelings and experiences with her in a different light. How will you share your legacy with your children, grandchildren? What do you want to pass down to future generations?

This course is your roadmap as to where or how to begin.