Wednesday - February 28th, 2024
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6 Steps to Better Sleep

Do You?

😞 Wake up but still feel tired?
😞 Need to hit snooze multiple times?
😞 Struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep?
😞 Use sleeping pills more often that you'd like to?
😞 Feel tired mid afternoon and wish you could take a nap?


Would You Rather...

😴 Wake up feeling energized?
😴 Jump out of bed, excited for the day ahead?
😴 Fall asleep easily and stay asleep?
😴 Sink into a deep restorative sleep, and wake up feeling focused and on point? 

You are literally shortening your life by not getting enough sleep!

If you or anyone you know struggles with sleep, you need to keep reading....

  • 1 in 3 adults are trying to “survive” on less than 6 hours of sleep
  • Lack of sleep has a direct correlation to weight gain! In fact, you will consume about 200 more calories per day, to try to make up the lost energy! That is 73,000 extra calories / year, or 15 - 20 pounds! 
  • Chronic sleep deprivation (less than 7  hours most nights) is now recognized as one of the major contributors to the escalation of Type 2 diabetes globally.
  • Chronic sleep deprivation is now linked as one of the causes of Alzheimer’s, with more than 40 million suffering, it’s becoming epidemic.
  • A  study in relation to cancer, showed that sleeping less than 6 hours resulted in a 40% increased risk of developing cancer relative to those sleep over 7 hours per night. 
  • Research shows that sleep deprived driving = drunk driving, but the damage from an accident is worse. A drunk driver has delayed reactions to avoid the accident, a driver that is asleep has no reaction.  What you may not know, is that when exhausted, your brain "takes sleep" in 6 second increments - do not drive on less than 6 hours of sleep.  

Have you ever been taught HOW to get a good night's sleep? 

Most of us have never been taught the importance of sleep, or how to optimize our sleep and as a result people think that they can just sleep on demand, when they finally lie down in bed.

But quality sleep is more complicated than that.

When we don’t get quality sleep, we feel more stressed, and are much more likely to get sick, and then we don’t have the energy to cope with everything life throws our way.

Is your poor sleep affecting your health? It was affecting mine....


Marlina Hodges
Geneva, Switzerland

I am a firm believer that people enter your lives because they were meant to... Melissa is one of those precious beings that flew into my life. I started with her sleep course at a moment I was suffering from severe lack of sleep which was contributing to the deterioration of my health... It turns out that I  did have an underlying problem that was diagnosed during the time I was doing the course -  sleep apnea ... but I still needed guidance to learn how to sleep properly again after suffering years of being unable to have proper sleep... Melissa’s course helped me work things out and gradually I now feel I am getting my life back. Thank you Melissa for your positive energy that radiates through your videos - you actually made me feel like sleep was fun!

My Name Is Melissa
I am an Integrative Health Practitioner and Registered Health Coach, and I am deeply passionate about guiding people to optimal health.  Sleep is foundational in optimizing our health, and I know all too well, what happens when people don’t get enough sleep. I see it with my clients all the time, until they learn HOW to get better sleep.  I have taught my sleep course so many times, I decided to turn it into an oline course, so people can access it at their convenience.    When you know better you do better, and so I am passionate about wanting people to know the steps to better sleep. It will pave the way to achieving better health and so much more.

The benefits of 8 hours of sleep are numerous...

💤 More stress Resilience  = you are HAPPIER! 😄😄😄
💤 More energy  = you are HAPPIER! 😄😄😄
💤 Healthier Immune system / less disease = you are HAPPIER! 😄😄😄
💤 Less reliance on coffee to start your day and sugar to get you through your day!
💤 More productive at work and home = more time to do fun things!
💤 No driving errors, due to better focus and concentration.
💤 Healthier brain (you suffer mild brain damage every waking moment, that is repaired during quality sleep).
💤 You will live a longer, healthier, happier life, by ensuring your know the steps to getting good quality sleep.
💤 And there are many more...

Finally, here is a course to teach you HOW to optimize your sleep!

This course pulls curated information together from experts such as Dr Matthew Walker, author of "Why We Sleep" and Sean Stevenson, author of "Sleep Smarter".

I've also incorporated content on sleep from Dr Mark Hyman and Dhru Purhoit's "Broken Brain Podcast series" and then applied my own health Coaching experience and expertise to create this course for YOU.  Everything  is in one place,  to get YOU sleeping better, AND saves you the time of doing your own research on the topic.

I’ve done it all for you, and am offering what you need to know,   in 11 short videos that you can watch with your whole family, for only $97!


Imagine a day when you wake up feeling energized and want to leap out of bed to start your day...😄 😊 😄 😊

I promise you that day will come! All YOU have to do is commit to following the steps in this course and you will start to experience better sleep within a few days, and will be able to completely re-set your sleep / wake cycle within 30 days of implementing your learning and following it daily. You will be a NEW person, waking up refreshed and energized, ready to tackle whatever your day throws your way.


"I had to email to let you know that I slept like a log last night, after attending your sleep course! My husband even commented that he had to check I was breathing!”
~ Vanessa Werner

"You explain this so that it makes so much sense, and I’m excited to implement these steps into my life”.
~ Jane Pinsky
"I appreciate Melissa's knowledge and recommendations. Her actionable tips are easy to implement and can be started right away."
~ Emily Kane

What's in it for you?

11 short video lessons, in 4 modules (approx 120 minutes in total)
(You can watch these on your own time with your family, so you can all learn together.)

✔️  You will learn why sleep is so important to your health and longevity.   (Unless you plan to live a short life, you NEED this information).
✔️  You will learn about the sleep cycles, as well as how they are impacted by alcohol, when you eat, stress + tips to minimize jetlag.
✔️  You will then learn the 6 steps to better sleep,  that you can start implementing immediately to re-set your circadian rhythm (your internal 24 hour clock)
✔️ There is a bonus module on understanding that sleep is physical rest, but there are other types of rest our body needs too.
✔️ Lastly there is a module on your mattress, blanket & pillows, as your comfort while you sleep is important too!
✔️ You will have access for life to all this content!

Get the special low price of $97!
(Regular Price is $175!)

Don't snooze & miss out!! 😴😴😴
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