Author: Allison Bottke

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing &Raquo; 148 Bbook Photo

Author Allison Bottke creates Susan Anderson, an exuberant and youthful forty-something woman who lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Michael. Susan is an attractive, affable woman and is a native to life in the fast lane, having spent a fair amount of her younger days entwined in New York’s social scene. She creates the ever-trendy Disco Diva hair salon, designs it with a ‘70s flair, and uses its spaces to “minister” to her clients through her own brand of purposeful warmth and energy. But as her fiftieth birthday approaches, she finds that the energy she has to spare may need to be used by her, and her alone, as the relationships and circumstances in her life show signs of becoming unhinged.

Bottke’s characters are certainly a buoyant group of people. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is playful, encouraging, spirited, and inventive. I don’t know about you, but I think anything-goes Las Vegas is great place to let your imagination wander. Bottke provides the backdrop for an innovative mix of fun and inspiration.

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