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You Can Write Your Family History

Author: Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

You Can Write Your Family History &Raquo; 123 Bbook Photo

Some maintain that writing your family history for generations and generations to come is a daunting task and best left for the aspiring writer. After all, how does one begin? What steps are necessary? Where is the best research performed? The task could seem overwhelming.

Author Sharon DeBartolo Carmack puts your mind at ease within the first page of “You Can Write Your Family History” by stating that being a writer is a frame of mind. Everyone has the ability to record and document their family history. This guidebook feels personalized when reading the easy to follow advice and step-by-step methods provided in each chapter along with tons of examples and resources. Follow her methods and it will ultimately result in an historical family masterpiece, narrative in nature, illustrating the lives and adventures of relatives from the past, and filled with romance, humor, and suspense.

The author leads the would-be genealogist in conducting historical research and analysis, outlines, organizing your data, adding illustrations, handling discrepancies in your research materials, copyrights for pictures and music, and many more such details—but most importantly, how to write that essay/family history and bring it to life. I love how each step is broken down into manageable and administrable sections so that the reader can experiment with the recommendation, make any necessary adjustments to suit their needs, and then once completed move to the next section. I doubt you could find an online course or a genealogy class more thorough as “You Can Write Your Family History.”

Every chapter is outlined with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. Your first step is simple—all you have to do is begin. For anyone who’s wanted to safeguard their past and preserve it for the generations to follow, “You Can Write Your Family History” is the book for you.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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