Author: Patt Fero

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What do best friends, a homeless woman with a mysterious past, a good-hearted trucker, an intuitive dog, a misguided young man, and a neglected young girl have in common? The Silver Queen Screamer for starters. With a cast of wildly opposite personalities, plus a host of many others, this was one of the most hilarious and heart-warming adventures I’ve read in a long, long time.

Leslie, a highly intelligent, professional Baby Boomer seemed to have it all; good job, plenty of money, the perfect husband (although a bit “stale”) loving son, beautiful home and new car. What more could a girl want?

Unhappy, stressed to the max, and unfulfilled, yet not knowing why, this diva’s life is turned upside down when she gets the unthinkable—the proverbial pink slip. For Leslie, this was a wake-up call and a second chance to live her dream.

Before you can say baby Boomer, Leslie calls her best friend and co-dreamer, Liz, and together they purchase an RV named, Silver Queen Screamer, leave notes at home saying“taking a vacation from life,” and then set off on the most selfishly delightful, inspiring, and even sometimes dangerous adventures.

Liz and Leslie learn so much about life, themselves, and each other. They discover what’s really important is sometimes staring you in the face if you take the time to love and appreciate what you have, and practice with a grateful heart.

Author Fero surely wrote for every woman in the world who has ever dreamed of running away from it all. Go ahead; run away with Leslie and Liz and experience the adventures and even discover new things about your own desires…all from the comfort of your own Silver Queen Screamer called home. I loved this book. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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